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By Wimbledon W.A.P. (coord.)

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In the calcareous varieties ofthe shales kerogen is represented by colloalginite, and in the clayey shales pseudovitrinite is predominant. The OM content in the OS ranges from 0 up to 30%, sometimes 55%; its main source is supposed to be organic components of coccolithophorids, possibly cyanobacterias and in a less degree higher terrestrial plants. The clayey minerals are represented mostly by interstratified layered silicates of'hydromica-montmorillonite type with variable amount of montmorrilonite layers, and in much less quantity by allotigenous caolinite and chlorite.

Aff. traillensis, C. ef. breve K. tenuifasciculatus C. apertum, K. ex gr. traillensislkeppleri K. vardekloeftensis, C. cal :x K. peramplus, K. svalbardensis, C. exgr. =.... aff. peramplus r.. ~ ~ K. dietli, 27 2426 23 falsum/simulans, C. aff. , C. ef. elatmae/suevicum. ) ex gr. russiensisltoricelli Cranocephaloide 18 ranciscus/i errarum K. rosenkrantzi, C. variabile, P. s . K. inflatus, P. sp. aff. C. variabile K. tychonis, C. sp. aff. A. cranoce haloide A. cranocephaloide, K. P. Wimbledon Dept.

In Central Russian 36 Upper Bathonian. This interval hasn't been studied sufficiently yet in Northern Caucasus and Central Asia. The section near Albstadt-Pfeffingen, South Germany, shouldbe considered a stratotype ofthe BathonianlCallovian boundary (offered by Callomon & Dietl, 2000). H. (1993) - The ammonite succession in the Middle Jurassic of East Greenland. Bull. geol. Soc. Denmark, v. 40, p. 83-113. H. & Diet! G. (2000) - On the proposed basal boundary stratotype (GSSP) of the Middle Jurassic Callovian Stage.

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