A Jersey Dutch Vocabulary by James B. H. Storm PDF

By James B. H. Storm

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They intend to confiscate the house. ” Heeding his warning, Dexing assembled what jewelry and other goods she could manage to pack at that time and had servants quietly deliver them to her husband’s cousin who also lived in the French concession for safekeeping. The very next morning, signs were posted everywhere. 48 FOREIGN EXCHANGE In the morning, we never would have believed it could have happened so quickly, but there it was just as chauffeur Ma told us the night before. We were still asleep and when we arose, there was a steady stream of people going around the house.

As such, it would be public school or nothing at all. ” Undeterred, Dexing took five thousand ounces of her own silver and invested it in Yeh Kai Tai which helped it survive the tumultuous time, and she would be able to use her monthly interest payments to pay for the tuition.

Each day, Bingchen sent the cook who would inquire about the meals. He could not come into our room but spoke through the maid. Only the maid could come in and talk to us. ” I would give the money, and then I would order the next day’s menu, what we wanted to eat. . The cook who was standing behind the screen would say, “Xiao jie, vegetables are so expensive and difficult to buy. Add a little more money. ” So, I would give a 32 FOREIGN EXCHANGE few copper coins more. Then I would order what? I would order hot peppers with fish and chives and two other dishes.

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