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By Aldo Leopold

We will position this ebook at the shelf that holds the writings of Thoreau and John Muir. San Francisco ChronicleThese superb photographs of the flora and fauna discover the breathtaking variety of the unspoiled American panorama -- the mountains and the prairies, the deserts and the coastlines. a beautiful tribute to our land and a daring problem to guard the area we like.

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A peak in the clouds has another kind; but most peaks have trails, and trails have tourists. I know of no solitude so secure as one guarded by a spring flood; nor do the geese, who have seen more kinds and degrees of aloneness than I have. So we sit on our hill beside a new-blown pasque, and watch the geese go by. I see our road dipping gently into the waters, and I conclude (with inner glee but exterior detachment) that the question of traffic, in or out, is for this day at least, debatable only among carp.

May Back from the Argentine When dandelions have set the mark of May on Wisconsin pastures, it is time to listen for the final proof of spring. Sit down on a tussock, cock your ears at the sky, dial out the bedlam of meadowlarks and redwings, and soon you may hear it: the flight-song of the upland plover, just now back from the Argentine. If your eyes are strong, you may search the sky and see him, wings aquiver, circling among the woolly clouds. If your eyes are weak, don’t try it; just watch the fence posts.

It is here that we seek—and still find—our meat from God. ’ Part II, ‘Sketches Here and There,’ recounts some of the episodes in my life that taught me, gradually and sometimes painfully, that the company is out of step. These episodes, scattered over the continent and through forty years of time, present a fair sample of the issues that bear the collective label: conservation. Part III, ‘The Upshot,’ sets forth, in more logical terms, some of the ideas whereby we dissenters rationalize our dissent.

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