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By David G. Harnden, A. M. R. Taylor (auth.), Harry Harris, Kurt Hirschhorn (eds.)

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7,97,256 Longer- 24 David G. Harnden and A. M. R. Taylor term cultures may be useful for some purposes, but are not helpful in evaluating the chromosome constitution of the tumor as it existed in the patient. A further sampling problem arises from the fact that a tumor is a mixture of malignant cells and stromal cells, and there is no reasonable way to distinguish these cells in a chromosome preparation. It can only be suggested that the histology of the tumor adjacent to the sample used for chromosome studies be considered carefully when interpreting the karyotype of the tumor.

Cells derived from other tumors of the brain have also been examined. 167 Banding of an oligodendroglioma revealed a stem line of 45,-Y. 34 David G. Harnden and A. M. R. Taylor Several gliomas and an oligodendroglioma were shown to have many double minutes in many cells. The banding patterns of three gliomas after several years in culture are also available. 173- 175 Other Solid Tumors Reports on banded preparations are very rare. It is clear, however, that progress will be made only by reports of even single cases that are thoroughly studied with good banding.

Harnden and A. M. R. Taylor Possible Links to Aberrations in Cancer Cells The greatest likelihood of demonstrating that there is a relationship between induced chromosome aberrations and the abnormalities in cancer cells in man is probably either in the chromosome-breakage syndromes, in which there may be a sensitivity to an environmental agent, or else in the general population, following exposure to ionizing radiation. , dicentrics, rings, deletions) will die. The only long-term abnormal surviving dividing cells will be those with stable translocations, those with extra chromosomes, and those with small deletions or duplications, apparently unimportant for continued growth.

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