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By S. McEvoy-Levy

This ebook examines a serious time and position in contemporary global history--the finish of the chilly War--and the ideas and values hired within the public dipomacy of the Bush and Clinton Administrations to construct household and overseas consensus. It presents perception into the makes use of of presidential energy and offers a version and a demonstration for the way rhetoric can be used within the research of usa overseas coverage.

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90 Self-flagellation and self-renewal The decline versus revival debate did not just focus on the United States' relative wealth and productivity. It also addressed the more philosophical issue of the United States' health as a nation. 92 It was reported that they saw American and Soviet problems as similar and caused by a `moral collapse'. 95 Decline, if it occurred, would be the result of domestic degeneration both moral and infrastructural. The familiar self-flagellation strain of American exceptionalism could be found in criticism of the Bush Administration for not moving fast enough to provide a response in kind to Soviet glasnost and perestroika.

9 The Monroe Doctrine, enunciated in 1823 and policy by 1860, illustrates how the idea of American exceptionalism and the perception of European `threat' not only spurred separation from Europe but also legitimized expansion on the American continent and in the Far East. By the end of the nineteenth century, the United States was an imperial power having acquired the Hawaiian Islands, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam, and part of Samoa. The `manifest destiny' justification was again an extension of the idea of American exceptionalism.

62 But Democrats hoped that the political focus would switch to issues such as the environment, education, and economic competitiveness which were considered to be `traditionally Democratic' areas of interests. 65 On the opposite side of the political spectrum, similar readjustments and anxieties were reported. 68 Defense contractors were reported to be eagerly restructuring their `product lines and services' in preparation for new `threat and conflict scenarios [. 69 However, the cost in terms of job losses in the defense industries was also expected to be substantial.

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