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Hg, equivalent to a flow of one drop per minute when recumbent. , by vagus stimulation) without affecting that of the cerebrospinal fluid. The venous pressure is normally consistently below that of the cerebrospinal fluid, and consequently diffusion occurs into the veins. The reverse can, however, occur : if distilled water is injected intravenously, the occipital headache due to removal of cerebrospinal fluid by puncture is relieved because fluid then diffuses from the veins into the cisterna basalis.

Thoracico- Sp. Τ . ι to lumbar cord. L. 3 or 4. Sym- ^ pathetic. ( Sacral cord. \ 1 Cell Station. 2,3. 41 Distribution. Intrinsic eye muscles. Ciliary ganglion. Meckel's, otic, Vessels and glands of nose and mouth. submaxillary, sublingual ganglia. Mostly in the Alimentary canal, heart, organs. bronchi, pancreas. Lateral ganglia. Collateral ganglia— mesenteric. L Sacral parasympathetic. SYSTEM Mostly terminal. Sweat glands, hairs, and blood vessels of bodywall and skin. Abdominal organs. External genitalia, bladder, and lower part of alimen­ tary canal.

Further Advances in Physiology," 1909, pp. 284-348. SCHÄFER. " Text-book of Microscopic Anatomy," 1912, p. 312. ) Distribution, The cerebrospinal fluid is found in the lateral ventricles which communicate by the foramina of Monro with the third ventricle ; this in turn communicates by the Sylvian aqueduct with the fourth ventricle and thence to the central canal of the spinal cord. T h e fluid is thus found in the whole of the cerebrospinal canal. In addition it fills the subarachnoid space, communication being established with the fourth ventricle by the foramen of Magendie (and, according to some, the lateral foramina of Luschka) ; this subarachnoid space is divided into intercommunicating cisternae.

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