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By Jean Levine

This is the 1st e-book on a sizzling subject within the box of keep watch over of nonlinear structures. It levels from mathematical method concept to functional business regulate functions and addresses basic questions in platforms and regulate: easy methods to plan the movement of a approach and music the corresponding trajectory in presence of perturbations. It emphasizes on structural points and particularly on a category of platforms known as differentially flat.

Part 1 discusses the mathematical concept and half 2 outlines purposes of this technique within the fields of electrical drives (DC cars and linear synchronous motors), magnetic bearings, automobile equipments, cranes, and automated flight keep watch over systems.

The writer bargains web-based video clips illustrating a few dynamical elements and case stories in simulation (Scilab and Matlab).

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For a 1-form ω to be exact, it is necessary that ω satisfies ∂ωi ∂ωj = ∂xj ∂xi p ∀i, j. 22) p ∂h ∂xi ∂h Proof. Clearly, if ω = i=0 ωi dxi = dh = i=1 ∂x dxi , we have ωi = i for all i and, differentiating with respect to xj , we get: ∂ωi ∂2h ∂2h ∂ωj = = = ∂xj ∂xj ∂xi ∂xi ∂xj ∂xi which proves the Proposition. 16. Consider the differential form ω = xdy−ydx x2 +y 2 = −y x2 +y 2 dx + ∂ωy ∂ωx ∂y = ∂x x Set ωx = x2−y +y 2 and ωy = x2 +y 2 . One easily sees that and that h(x, y) = arctan xy satisfies dh = ω.

Gk are k vector fields on X, following the same lines, we can inductively define the Lie derivative of order r1 + . . + rk by: Lrg11 · · · Lrgkk h = Lrg11 (Lrg22 · · · Lrgkk h) . 26 2 Introduction to Differential Geometry If now f and g are two vector fields, let us compute, in a local coordinate system, the following expression:   p p ∂g ∂f i i  ∂h  Lf Lg h − Lg Lf h = fj − gj . ∂xj ∂xj ∂xi i=1 j=1 This expression is skew symmetric with respect to f and g, and defines a new differential operator of order 1, since the symmetric second order terms of Lf Lg h and Lg Lf h cancel.

7. The image by the diffeomorphism ϕ of the vector field f , noted ϕ∗ f is the vector field given by ϕ∗ f = (Lf ϕ1 (ϕ−1 (y)), . . , Lf ϕp (ϕ−1 (y)))T . 8. 5, we first compute the tangent space to the sphere in polar coordinates. Recall that its equation is ρ−R = 0. The tangent linear approximation to this mapping is (1, 0, 0) and ` ´ Hint: use the fact that ϕ−1 k (ϕ(x)) = xk and thus, differentiating with respect to xi , Pp ∂ (ϕ−1 )k ∂ϕj = δk,i for all i, k = 1 . . , p. 2 Vector Fields 23     0   0 the tangent space to the sphere is its kernel, namely span  1  ,  0  .

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