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Take paintings of flowers; there are those you like because you can see how organically the flower is made, and there are those you like because of the colours, and you can't say one is better than another It's about something else. It's the same thing in life in general, and certainly in art When a student enrols with you, I wonder if they believe they are buying into part of a network? You could see it from the other end In the art world, if someone asks what you've done, and you say 'I went to Goldsmiths', for example, they'll say 'oh well, then, you must be interesting', which makes no sense.

And what effect is that having on the art school and educational system? It's making it incredibly economy-driven. It's making everyone very, very aware of the economies of being an art student, of how to relate that to economic survival after art school I would say the running order when you leave is first how am I going to survive economically; then where am I going to survive economically; and, thirdly, how am I going to make my work? ; and last where am I going to do that? ' It's all reversed the other way, and this isn't a criticism; you can't blame people for that, because just trying to survive in London alone, as we all know, is a huge challenge Is this the same for teachers?

He's also a very divided guy; on the one hand he's very authoritative, and knows exactly what he wants. On the other hand, he's very unsure. Maybe we both have not very balanced personalities. The Stadel has some very straight guys, so it needs at least one vvho's not so straight, and that's vvhy I picked him. Jobody vvanted him at first, they vvere all against him. So I said to Daniel [Birnbaum] he should watch out for the mediocre figure If they'd all be like Krebber it would be impossible; you can only have one of his type.

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