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By Qin Xue Herzberg

Here is a concise advisor to complement any process examine and aid with homework, go back and forth, and try out instruction. themes comprise be aware order, time, nouns, verbs, adjectives, be aware offerings with verbs and adverbs, and letter writing. the straightforward layout has one objective: speedy mastery and turning out to be confidence.

Qin Xue Herzberg, a graduate of Beijing general college, has taught chinese language for many years and has been an upper-level chinese language professor at Calvin university for ten years.

Larry Herzberg did his PhD paintings in chinese language and based the chinese courses at Albion collage and Calvin College.

Qin and Larry reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and are co-authors of the preferred China Survival Guide in addition to the lately published Chinese Proverbs and renowned Sayings.

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It doesn’t matter whether you want to go or not, you (still) must go. Wúlùn nǐ xiǎng qù bùxiǎng qù, nǐ dōu děi qù. 无论你想去不想去,你都得去。 (7) “Besides . . ” = chúle . . yǐwài 除了 . . 以外 “Besides” in the sense of “with the exception of . . ”: Chúle . . yǐwài, dōu . . 除了 . . 以外,都 . . Besides Mr. Li, everyone can speak English. Chúle Lǐ Xiānsheng yǐwài, dàjiā dōu huì shuō Yīngyǔ. 除了李先生以外,大家都会说英语。 “Besides” in the sense of “in addition to . . ”: Chúle . . yǐwài, hái . . 除了 . . 以外,还 . . Besides Chinese, I can also speak Japanese.

To use “or” in a question, use háishì 还是: In the morning do you drink tea or (do you drink) coffee? Nǐ zǎoshàng hē chá háishì (hē) kāfēi? 你早上喝茶还是 (喝) 咖啡? CHAPTER NINE Subordinate Clauses (1) Connecting sentences with “who”/”that” There are no connecting words for “who” or “that” in Chinese, so whatever clause modifies a noun comes before it, not afterward. There is no preceding “who” or “that” as in English: English: The house that Jack built is big. Chinese: The Jack-built house is big.

The teacher wrote the characters with a brush. Lǎoshī yòng máobǐ xiě le nàxie zì. 老师用毛笔写了那些字。 BUT, yòng 用 can also be used to mean “in” when it has to do with speaking “in” (using) a certain language or paying “in” a certain currency: She told him in Chinese. Tā yòng Hànyǔ gàosu tā. 她用汉语告诉他。 He paid in RMB. Tā yòng rénmínbì fù le qián. 他用人民币付了钱。 (e) Use wèi 为 to express “for (someone or something’s sake)” My parents sacrificed a lot for me. Wǒ fùmǔ wèi wǒ zuòchū le hěn dàde xīshēng. 我父母为我做出了很大的牺牲。 My parents were proud of their son.

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