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By Marjorie L. Reaka-Kudla

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Sicher durch die Humangenetik – Buselmaier/Tariverdian unverzichtbar in Studium und Praxis! Die einfach erklärten Grundlagen der Genetik vom DNA-Baustein bis hin zur Vererbungslehre führen in die Humangenetik ein. Dank vieler Abbildungen, klar konzipierter Lerntabellen, knappen Merksätzen und eines ausführlichen Glossars fällt das Lernen leicht.

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101:263-270. Ashworth, A. , V. Markgraf, and C. Villagran. 1991. Late Quaternary climatic history of the Chilean Channels based on fossil pollen and beetle analyses, with an analysis of the modern vegetation and pollen rain. J. Quat. Sci. 6(4):279-291. Basset, Y. 1990. The arboreal fauna of the rainforest tree Argyrodendron actinophyllum as sampled with restricted fogging: Composition of the fauna. Entomologist 109:173-183. Basset, Y. 1991. The taxonomic composition of the arthropod fauna associated with an Australian rainforest tree.

The sampling regime must consider the above in its attempt to record as many species as possible in the shortest amount of time. The guiding principles are as follows: • Phase 1: mass cooccurrence sampling; rapid processing with bulk cold storage (dry and wet specimens, depending on Order); identification process using matching specimens; interim naming with alphanumerics; accumulation of data using linked spreadsheets, including curves showing sampling progress; and character filing with the Quick Taxonomic Assessment System (QTES).

A. Samuelson, and S. E. Miller. 1993. Patterns of beetle species diversity in New Guinea rain forest as revealed by canopy fogging: Preliminary findings. Selbyana 14:16-20. Arnol’di, L. , V. V. Zherikhin, L. M. Nikritin, and A. G. Ponomarenko. 1992. Mesozoic Coleoptera. Oxonian Press, New Delhi, India. 284 pp. Ashworth, A. , and J. W. Hoganson. 1993. The magnitude and rapidity of the climate change marking the end of the Pleistocene in the mid-latitudes of South America. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol.

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