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By Patricia Bragg, Paul C. Bragg

Examine the Bragg fit way of life that may continue you ageless. Their confirmed approach of physique purification, toxicless nutrition and fit conduct is helping cleanse your physique of poisons to bolster nerves, raise strength, improve psychological readability and advertise sturdiness. This e-book conjures up great healthiness and youthfulness!

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Ch. 1. meals offerings for health --
ch. 2. Your fit weight --
ch. three. fats evidence --
ch. four. supplements, minerals and Phytonutrients: type in your plate --
ch. five. candy speak: sugar and different sweeteners --
ch. 6. Fiber: your body's broom --
ch. 7. Sodium: a salty topic --
ch. eight. Fluids: usually missed --
ch. nine. what is on present day desk --
ch. 10. making plans to devour shrewdpermanent --
ch. eleven. grocery store smarts --
ch. 12. secure kitchen --
ch. thirteen. Kitchen meals --
ch. 14. Your foodstuff clear of domestic --
ch. 15. Off to a fit commence --
ch. sixteen. foodstuff to develop on --
ch. 17. for girls merely --
ch. 18. For mature adults: healthy consuming --
ch. 19. Athlete's consultant: profitable food --
ch. 20. Vegetarian manner --
ch. 21. delicate approximately nutrition --
ch. 22. shrewdpermanent consuming to avoid and deal with disorder --
ch. 23. supplementations: use and abuse --
ch. 24. good expert?

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In the United States, which is highly representative of these so-called civilized countries, 47 times every second a prescription is filled by a whitecoated chemist at one of over 100,000 pharmacies in the United States! The staggering cost of these drugs and chemicals that come in many colored tablets, capsules and powders amounts to over a shocking $200 billion a year! CIVILIZED MAN IS SICK, has been for a long time, and is getting sicker! He has almost reached a point of total helplessness. Not only are the adults sick in body, but they are sick in mind.

You will sleep easier and wake well-rested after sleep. Those nagging aches and pains that have troubled you will fade away. Your eyes will become clearer and your skin more youthful. These are the rewards you will receive when following Mother Nature and living by her wise laws! When you live The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle you can activate your own powerful internal defense arsenal and maintain it at top efficiency. However, if you continue with unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits, it’s harder for your body to fight off illness!

You cannot get away from paying your price to Mother Nature. There is no way to circumvent this punishment for the crimes you have committed against yourself. You must fast, detox, cleanse, purify and heal your body! We are not going to tell you that when you go on the Transition Diet – along with your 24 hour weekly fast, combined with eating more fruits and vegetables and eliminating some of the heavier foods – that you are going to feel good right away. You will not feel your best until you have eliminated a large amount of the hidden toxic poisons from your body.

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