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By O. Hutzinger, R. W. Frei, E. Merian, Maurizio Pocchiari

The complicated multidisciplinary challenge posed through PCDD can top be understood by means of the interplay of scientists from diversified disciplines. This workshop used to be organised to permit clinical trade by way of such specialists. the newest advances in analytical technique, environmental destiny and degrees, incineration toxicology (metabolism), animal toxicology and observations in guy are coated

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Cn = 3 ηΟ*[ε^ Fig. 3. Pattern of contaminated particles distribution according to a Poissonianlike hypothesis. Squares represent sampling areas. Legend: C£, TCDD level in any sampling area; C, average TCDD content in any single particle; ε, random variation of TCDD content in any single particle; η, TCDD background level; m, average number of particles per sampling area; n, number of particles per sampling area; S ^ ^ , variance of C^; S 2 C > variance of C. 51 Optimization iterative computations indicated that at least two main particle populations could be identified (Fig.

E. a factor of approximately 2 for original data. Application of the methodology to other similar situations is mentioned. KEYWORDS 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD); soil contamination assessment; industrial accidents; ICMESA-Seveso. INTRODUCTION Considerable difficulties had to be overcome in assessing environmental contamination in the Seveso area after the ICMESA accident. First, TCDD distribution in the soil was seen to be very uneven and with large differences in TCDD levels among points that were very close.

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