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By Hans J. ten Donkelaar

Connections outline the services of neurons: details flows alongside connections, in addition to progress elements and viruses, or even neuronal demise might growth via connections. wisdom of the way many of the elements of the mind are interconnected to shape sensible platforms is a prerequisite for the correct realizing of knowledge from all fields within the neurosciences.

Clinical Neuroanatomy: mind Circuitry and Its problems bridges the space among neuroanatomy and scientific neurology. It emphasizes human and primate facts within the context of problems of mind circuitry that are so universal in neurological perform. moreover, various medical instances show how general mind circuitry will be interrupted and to what impact. Following an advent into the association and vascularisation of the human mind and the concepts to review mind circuitry, the most neurofunctional platforms are mentioned, together with the somatosensory, auditory, visible, motor, autonomic and limbic

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11). From here, venous blood on both sides runs via the transverse sinus and the sigmoid sinus to the jugular foramen, where the sigmoid sinus drains into the internal jugular vein. In close relation to the internal carotid arteries and the sella turcica, the cavernous 1 Overview of the Human Brain and Spinal Cord sinus is found which drains the blood from the orbit, the ­pituitary and the middle cerebral veins. This basal sinus receives the sphenoparietal sinus, which runs beneath the minor wing of the sphenoid, and drains to the superior and inferior petrosal sinuses.

The spinal cord is frequently affected in neurological disorders. Vertebral fractures and tumours, metastases in particular, may result in narrowing of the vertebral canal. 1 Gross Anatomy The spinal cord, invested by the meninges, occupies the superior two-thirds of the vertebral canal. On its ventral side, the cord shows a deep longitudinal fissure (the anterior median fissure) and on its dorsal side the posterior Fig. 17 T2-weighted images of a paramedian plane without flow compensation. In black a strong CSF flow can be seen through the third ventricle and a widened fourth ventricle (a, b), the foramen of Monro (a) and the foramen of Magendie (b).

6). 11). The motor nuclei of the extraocular muscles arise from mesomere 2 (the oculomotor nucleus) and rhombomeres 1 (the trochlear nucleus) and 5 (the abducens nucleus). 24 Derivatives of the alar (light red) and basal (red) plates in the brain stem: (a, b) the mesencephalon; (c–e) the rhombencephalon ((d) the metencephalon; (e) the medulla oblongata); (f, g) the spinal cord for comparison. Amb nucleus ambiguus, ap alar plate, bp basal plate, Cb cerebellar anlage, Co cochlear nuclei, Cs colliculus superior, dh dorsal horn, EW nucleus of Edinger–Westphal, IO inferior olive, Pont pontine nuclei, RF reticular formation, rhl rhombic lip, Rub red nucleus, slH sulcus limitans of His, Sn substantia nigra, Sol nucleus of the solitary tract, Ve vestibular nuclei, vh ventral horn, Vm trigeminal motor nucleus, Vmes mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus, Vsp spinal trigeminal nucleus, Xdm dorsal motor nucleus of vagus, III, VI, XII motor nuclei of cranial nerves (from ten Donkelaar et al.

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