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By Yves Guivarc'h, Lizhen Ji, John C. Taylor

The proposal of symmetric area is of imperative value in lots of branches of arithmetic. Compactifications of those areas were studied from the issues of view of illustration conception, geometry, and random walks. This paintings is dedicated to the learn of the interrelationships between those quite a few compactifications and, specifically, makes a speciality of the martin compactifications. it's the first exposition to regard compactifications of symmetric areas systematically and to uniformized a number of the issues of view.

Key features:

* definition and particular research of the Martin compactifications

* new geometric Compactification, outlined when it comes to the titties construction, that coincides with the Martin Compactification on the backside of the confident spectrum.

* geometric, non-inductive, description of the Karpelevic Compactification

* examine of the well-know isomorphism among the Satake compactifications and the Furstenberg compactifications

* systematic and transparent development of issues from geometry to research, and eventually to random walks

The paintings is basically self-contained, with entire references to the literature. it really is a great source for either researchers and graduate students.

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Assume Ad(ki)CI n Ad(kj)CJ i= 0. 4, if k = kj 1k i either Ad(k)CI = CJ or they are disjoint. In the first instance the two simplices are the same. Assume they are distinct. Then Ad(k)CI n CJ = 0, and Ad(k)CI n CJ c 8(Ad(k)CI) n 8(CJ). 4 again, one sees that, if H E Ad(k)CI n CJ, the chamber face containing H also lies in the intersection. Consequently, the intersection Ad(k)CI n CJ is a union of chamber faces. Choose one of maximal dimension, say Ch' Since the dimension of Ch is maximal and the intersection Ad(k)CI n C J is convex, Ch = Ad(k)CI n CJ.

Then Z(1) C pI and pI = MIAINI, where M I = G M. 6) are unique. clef I Proof. 12). Since gI C mI it follows that G I C pl. 15(2), Z(l) Cpl. 20 II. SUB ALGEBRAS AND PARABOLIC SUBGROUPS Moore proves in Theorem 3 of [M8] that pI = M(I)AN. Since M(I) = KI M, the Langlands decomposition follows. The observation that X = AINI . Xl is immediate as Xl = MI . o. D Remark. 8). 17. Theorem. (The Bruhat decomposition) (Harish-Chandra [HI], also Warner [WI] and Helgason [H2]). Each double coset PgP,g EGis of the form PwP, w E Wand the map w - t PwP is a bijection of the Weyl group W with the set of all double cosets PgP, g E G.

I}. Remarks. i E I}. i > O}) n aI, it is an open subset of aI. Hence, C I generates aI. (3) Note that C0 equals a+ and C~ = {O}. (4) If HE a and c ~, let HI denote the projection of H on aI and let HI denote its projection on aI. i(HI) > OJ conversely, if HE aI ,+ and Ho E CI, it follows that, for large n, H + nHo E a+ and (H + nHo)I = H. It follows that the boundary of the positive Weyl chamber a+ is the disjoint union of the chamber faces CI as I runs over the non-void subsets of the set ~ of simple roots.

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