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In life you have to be able to do both or spend all your life in a silent meditation centre. In order to keep mindful when you speak, don’t follow your emotions. e moment you start liking this or disliking that, the mind gets carried away. Every phrase you say look at the mind over and over again and check for right speech and mindfulness. e mind has to try to be aware of itself. Try to be aware all the time of the mind watching the mind. Keep the finger on the big one! Keep the finger on the big one means: Are you in control now or not?

Just be aware of the feeling of anxiety.  W       (e centre’s own pamphlet for yogis) e most important thing when you are meditating is to have the right attitude. When meditating: Don’t focus too hard Don’t control Don’t try to create something Don’t force or restrict yourself Don’t try to create anything But don’t reject what is happening But as things happen or stop happening, don’t forget. Be aware of them. Trying to create something is lobha (greed). Rejecting what is happening is dosa (aversion).

If you know that you are relaxed, that’s object. You can’t say that you don’t know of anything. So if you don’t think that you know of object you still know your state or mind. Later things won’t be subtle any longer, keep acknowledging that awareness is still present. You can watch your wandering mind but don’t get involved. Be With Whatever Is You don’t select objects, just be there and aware. You don’t try to experience past experiences. You don’t try to get anywhere. Don’t encourage thinking, encourage seeing.

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