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Ch. 1. foodstuff offerings for health --
ch. 2. Your fit weight --
ch. three. fats proof --
ch. four. supplementations, minerals and Phytonutrients: kind in your plate --
ch. five. candy speak: sugar and different sweeteners --
ch. 6. Fiber: your body's broom --
ch. 7. Sodium: a salty topic --
ch. eight. Fluids: frequently ignored --
ch. nine. what is on modern day desk --
ch. 10. making plans to consume clever --
ch. eleven. grocery store smarts --
ch. 12. secure kitchen --
ch. thirteen. Kitchen foodstuff --
ch. 14. Your nutrients clear of domestic --
ch. 15. Off to a fit begin --
ch. sixteen. nutrition to develop on --
ch. 17. for ladies in simple terms --
ch. 18. For mature adults: healthy consuming --
ch. 19. Athlete's consultant: successful meals --
ch. 20. Vegetarian approach --
ch. 21. delicate approximately meals --
ch. 22. clever consuming to avoid and deal with disorder --
ch. 23. supplementations: use and abuse --
ch. 24. good knowledgeable?

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The following dairy products are on the Paleo “no” list: ✓ Cheese ✓ Cream ✓ Half-and-half 31 32 Part I: The Power of Paleo ✓ Milk ✓ Sour cream ✓ Yogurt One exception to the no-dairy rule is clarified butter from a cow that’s organically and grass-fed. This type of butter is an excellent source of healthy fat. ) Wipe out white potatoes White potatoes are like the useless, black sheep of the vegetable family, and they deserve a shady reputation. Because of their high sugar and starch content, they produce a big insulin response, and they also contain antinutrients that can cause intestinal distress.

Most people are intrigued when they’re introduced to Paleo. It’s hard not to be when you see so many people enthused and getting results. When you see or hear from friends and family or read about how you can lose weight, clear up skin issues, get better sleep, stabilize blood sugar, reduce chronic inflammation, and literally de-age, you pay attention! 21 22 Part I: The Power of Paleo Paleo success stories: Kathleen Meet Kathleen, 42, Business Owner, Yardley, Pennsylvania: “The results I got when I first started eating Paleo amazed me.

23 24 Part I: The Power of Paleo Here’s some compelling research from Dr. ” October 2011. ) ✓ “[In a cave man–like diet,] carbohydrate restriction is not only limited to avoiding sugar and other high glucose foods, but also to a reduced intake of grains. ” ✓ “Paleolithic-type diets, that by definition exclude grain products, have been shown to improve glycemic control and cardiovascular risk factors more effectively than typically recommended low-fat diets rich in whole grains. These diets are not necessarily low carbohydrate diets, but focus on replacing high glycemic index modern foods with fruits, vegetables, in this way reducing the total glycemic [sugar] load.

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