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By Luis Enjuanes

Human coronaviruses brought on the SARS epidemic that contaminated greater than 8000 humans, killing approximately ten percentage of them in 32 international locations. This publication offers crucial info on those viruses and the improvement of vaccines to manage coronavirus infections.

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J Virol 69:2016–2023 Zhang X, Lai MMC (1996) A 50 -proximal RNA sequence of murine coronavirus as a potential initiation site for genomic-length mRNA transcription. J Virol 70:705– 711 Zhao S, Shaw K, Cavanagh D (1993) Presence of subgenomic mRNAs in virions of coronavirus IBV. Virology 196:172–178 Ziebuhr J, Snijder EJ, Gorbalenya AE (2000) Virus-encoded proteinases and proteolytic processing in the Nidovirales. J Gen Virol 81:853–879 CTMI (2005) 287:31--55  Springer-Verlag 2005 Coronavirus Transcription: A Perspective S.

Some of these experimental results directly invalidated the leader-primed transcription model or showed that experimental conditions used for detection of subgenomic minus-strand RNA were not optimal because of excessive digestion of the RNA complexes with RNase A or the 32P-labeled RNA probes used (Lai et al. 1982: Baric et al. 1983) were likely of too low a specific activity to detect minus strands (Sawicki et al. 2001). David Brians lab (Sethna et al. 1989) showed that cells infected with a coronavirus (porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus, TGEV) contained a 50 nested set of minus strands that corresponded in size to the genome and the subgenomic mRNA.

J Virol 68:8131–8140 Liu DX, Inglis SC (1992) Internal entry of ribosomes on a tricistronic mRNA encoded by infectious bronchitis virus. J Virol 66:6143–6154 Liu Q, Johnson RF, Leibowitz JL (2001) Secondary structural elements within the 30 untranslated region of mouse hepatitis virus strain JHM genomic RNA. J Virol 75:12105–12113 Liu Q, Yu W, Leibowitz JL (1997) A specific host cellular protein binding element near the 30 end of mouse hepatitis genomic RNA. Virology 232:74–85 Luytjes W (1995) Coronavirus gene expression.

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