Download e-book for kindle: Cyprinid Fishes: Systematics, biology and exploitation by G. J. Howes (auth.), Ian J. Winfield, Joseph S. Nelson

By G. J. Howes (auth.), Ian J. Winfield, Joseph S. Nelson (eds.)

Among the fishes. a remarkably wide variety ofbiological variations to diversified habitats has advanced. As weIl as dwelling within the traditional habitats of lakes. ponds. rivers. rock swimming pools and the open sea. fish have solved the issues of lifestyles in deserts. within the deep sea. within the chilly Antarctic. and in hot waters of excessive alkalinity or of low oxygen. in addition to those diversifications. we discover the main awesome specializations of morphology. body structure and behavior. for instance we will surprise on the high-speed swimming of the marlins. sailfish and warm-blooded tunas. air inhaling catfish and lungfish. parental care within the mouth-brooding cichlids and viviparity in lots of sharks and toothcarps. additionally. fish are of substantial value of the survival of the human species within the shape ofnutritious and scrumptious nutrition ofnumerous varieties. Rational exploitation and administration of our worldwide shares of fishes needs to depend on a close and specific perception in their biology. The Chapman and corridor Fish and Fisheries sequence goals to offer well timed volumes reviewing vital features of fish biology. such a lot volumes may be of curiosity to investigate employees in biology. zoology. ecology and body structure. yet an extra target is for the books to be obtainable to a large spectrum of non­ professional readers starting from undergraduates and postgraduates to these with an curiosity in commercial and advertisement points of fish and fisheries.

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Within that assemblage. 14 Systematics and biogeography: an overview the following monophyletic lineages have been identified: Abramin lineage (Howes, 1981). ); characterized by derived basicranial, gill-arch and suspensorial muscle morphology. Includes Abramis, Rutilus, Chondrostoma, Xenocypris, Plagiognathops, Distoechodon and Hypophthalmichthys (= Aristichthys), Howes, 1981; possibly also includes the North American Orthodon. Aspinin lineage (Howes, 1984b). Characterized by cranial elongation, high vertebral number, and derived gill raker morphology.

Western Burmese; 6. South East Asian; 7. Yangtze; 8. Qinhai-Tibet). (Compiled in part from Taki. 1974; MitchelI. 1981; Leith. ) Map drawn on ZenithaI equal-area projection. Biogeography 25 predominantly South East Asian (of the 12 recognized labein taxa. nine occur in South East Asia. five of whieh are shared with India. namely Cirrhina. Osteocheilus. Crossocheilus. Labeo and Garra). The last two also occur in Africa. lower China (records of Labeo from Formosa are based on introductions) and the Tigris-Euphrates.

Br. Mus. nat. Rist. ), 38 (3) 151-8. Berg, L. S. (1912) Faune de la Russie, Pisees 3. Imperial Academy of Scienees, St Petersburg, 846 pp. Berg, L. S. R. and Adjaeent Countries. vol. , Jerusalem, 496 pp. Bleeker, P. (1859) Conspectus systematis Cyprinorum. Natuurk. Tijdsehr. -Indill·, 20,421-41. Bleeker, P. (1863) Atlas iehthyologique des Indes Orientales Needlandaises. Cyprins 3. Amsterdam, pp. 1-150. Bogutskaya, N. G. ) in the system of cyprinid fishes (Cyprinidae). Proe. zoo1. Inst. Leningrad, 154, 49-65.

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